Body Treaments

Body Scrubs, Masks & Massage

A range of organic, natural and aromatherapy products to treat you body to what it deserves.

Back Facial

Starts with a deep cleanse, exfoliation with Nature's organic sugar & salt scrub, hot towels, deep cleansing detox mask finishing with a 30min hot stone therapy massage.
$49 - allow 1hr, without 30min massage $29 - allow 30mins

Body Facial

The body facial will rejuvenate you from head to toe....

Starting with a detox footspa, you feet, legs and arms with be exfoliated with Nature's organic sugar & salt scrub and applied with a detox body mask. Your feet will be treated to a reflexology massage and your arms and legs massaged with luxurious organic body butter.

You'll receive a full 1 hr facial tailored to your skins needs which includes the décolleté. Finishing off with a back facial which includes a deep cleanse, organic sugar & salt scrub, hot towels a detox mask & finishes off with a 30min back neck & shoulder hot stone massage.

$149 - allow 3hrs

Body Scrub & Body Butter Massage

Rejuvenate tried skin with a organic sugar exfoliating scrub, while old skin cells are buffed away, the new cells are nourished with a moisturising and vitamin rich blend of butters and oils. Leaving your skin renewed and refreshed. Followed with a relaxing massage using luxurious body butter in a range of organic fragrances & essential oils.
Back & Arm 30min $29
Back, Arms & Legs $49

Body Scrub & Body Mask

Your body will me gently exfoliated & invigorated using our organic sugar and salt scrub prior to application of a body mask. Heated stones will be placed on your back to warm and relax. Mask will then be removed with hot towels and your skin will be nourished with aromatherapy body oil.
Mask options Detox, Hydration or Nourish.
Back 30mins $29
Back, arms & legs 70mins $69


Option available are relaxation of hot stone. Hot stone

30min $29, 1hr $49


A combination of both plastic and silicone cups use pressure to pull skin, tissue and muscles upward. The purpose of cupping is to enhance circulation, help relieve pain, remove "heat" and pull out the toxins that linger in your body's tissues.
30min back $45 1hr including legs and back $90.

Products used in my body treatments are from Natures Skin & Body Care